A whole new way to renovate.

Chemistry & software come together to create a kind
of paint finish you’d have to see to believe.

14. Inspired by paint factory

Inspired by the paint factory, made for your home.

Did you know brand-new siding, doors & windows are actually painted in a factory? With our proprietary weather-adjustable formulations and The Spray-Network, we reverse-engineer the controlled process of factory painting to bring you an on-site factory finish. The result? A beautiful, durable finish your neighbours won’t believe is even painted!

Discover our Chemistry
“The finish on the siding looks better than new & most people think we replaced all our windows!”

Steve McCulloch

Oakville, Ont.

Curb appeal through customization.

It’s so simple! If you want to achieve a finish that won’t peel and looks brand-new, all you have to do is customize the paint to the surface, to the weather and to your unique colour selection. Okay, it’s not that simple. But we figured out how to do it, anyway!

See how it works

How do we deliver a premium factory finish
at a cost-effective price?

We go from Formulation to Application™ & we cut out the middlemen… all of them.

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4. spray network

Meet The Spray-Network

Not only does the Spray-Network help us adjust our paint to the weather when we’re on-site, it systematically calculates an accurate price for your project. Heck, we can even do your quote together on our tablet. Finally, fair and transparent contractor pricing!

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  • Aluminum Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
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Square feet Don’t know the square footage of your exterior walls? A typical bungalow has around 900 sq ft of siding; & a two-storey home around 1700 sq ft.
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Want a rough estimate for your Spray-Net revamp?

Choose your surface, select your square footage and voilà! Keep in mind this is just a rough estimate: there’s a lot more to calculating the price for a project than just square footage.


  • Accessibility:
    Obstacles and height can make a surface tricky to access. Masking and painting a surface on the second floor of a two-storey home involves a little more work than working at ground-level on a bungalow.
  • Preparation:
    How many surfaces do we have to mask and protect? Are there a few or many repairs? All of these things affect the time needed to prep your home for painting (and are actually the longest part of the job).
  • Square Footage:
    Definitely a variable we have to calculate, but ironically not the most indicative of price. Why? Painting a large surface area with zero masking is much quicker than painting a smaller surface area with tons of masking.
  • Surface Type:
    Since each surface is different, every one of our coatings is different (which means you only pay for what you need). The thickness, ingredients and final film properties of each coating are different, which also means the prep process and spray equipment per surface is different.
  • Caulking & Colours:
    Those beautiful two-tone jobs are stunners, but require double-masking. Since we also remove old caulking and apply brand-new, colour-matching caulking to ensure maximum adhesion of the coating, the number of caulking joints also affects price.
Get an Exact Price

A complex process for us. A simple promise to you.

There’s one thing we care more about than paint.
And that’s making sure you’re happy.

Factory Finish


We’ll deliver a finish that looks & lasts like it came off the assembly line.


It’s not our style if your revamp isn’t done quickly and for a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Your revamp is backed by our 15-year, no-peel warranty, without the weather-related red tape.
No Surprises


You’ll know exactly what we’re painting & how much you’re paying. No curveballs once we’re on site.


By revamping instead of replacing, together we keep perfectly good siding, doors & windows out of landfills.

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choose Spray-Net?

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